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ANcestral Lineage Healing

Every lineage includes loving and wise ancestors.  Ancestral support amplifies personal vitality and enhances communal well-being.  Cultivating connection with these bright and benevolent ancestors creates ease with living family members and helps clarify one's life-path, relationships and purpose.  This connection can be a great support toward healing trauma as well as anchoring ancestral blessing and gifts.

My practice is in the Ancestral Medicine model of Daniel Foor, with whom I've both taught and trained.  I work with clients from a wide spectrum of ancestry and experiences and have a particular passion for working with those from Jewish backgrounds and with emergent spiritual / community leaders.

For extensive and up-to-date information on my Ancestral Lineage Healing offerings, or to schedule a session, visit my Ancestral Lineage Healing site here

Individual Sessions

Sessions are by Skype, phone or in person (in the California East Bay or various locations on the East Coast amidst my travels). Session rate is $120 an hour. Initial sessions are 75 minutes / $135.

Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions are appropriate for all levels of experience, including those new to ancestor work, those disconnected from information about their blood lineages, and those with challenging family relationships.

Upcoming Group Offerings

Ancestral Lineage Healing Daylong in London, U.K. April 7, 2018

Tending Your Ancestors Bay Area Monthly Circle 2018: Feb 4 (El Cerrito), March 4 (El Cerrito), April 15, May 13, June 3

Register for the upcoming circle here

Like any relationship, ancestors need tending. When we practice together, we bring joy and praise to ourselves and all our ancestors. We heal together. We offer monthly circles to commune and relate with your ancestors in community, with those actively engaged in the Ancestral Lineage Healing model. The circles offer time for prayer, connection, guided support and feedback from Taya Mâ & Pavini Moray.  Circles are open to all who have done a lineage assessment in a workshop or session with Daniel Foor, Taya, Pavini or another certified Ancestral Lineage Healing practitioner.

$40. Talk to us about work trade if you need assistance. If you are interested in participating in the circle, but have not yet done a lineage assessment, you can schedule with Taya or Pavini. Address given upon registration.

Jewish Ancestral Healing Online Course January - April 2018

This four month Jewish Ancestral Healing Online course with Taya Mâ begins with an introductory group video class and includes three personal Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions and a completion video call. 

In addition to personal session work, this course highlights Jewish ancestral reverence practices including working with stones, yahrzeit practices of remembering, the ancestralization practice of reciting Mourner's Kaddish, the practice of pilgrimage known as Hillula, and more.  In our opening call, we'll consider aspects of Jewish ancestral reverence, review the principles of the Ancestral Lineage Healing model and set clear intentions for the work.  Personal sessions with Taya Mâ (one session each of the three months of the course) begin with an assessment of the four primary bloodlines and continue toward connecting with an ancestral guide to anchor blessing and bring healing through one of the lines.  Participants are assigned a class partner to check in with bi-weekly and are asked to engage altar or offering practice in accordance with what emerges in their ancestral connections.  The introductory class is scheduled via Doodle poll among registered participants to accommodate individual time needs and ensure maximum participation.

Course registration is $325 upfront or 3 monthly installments of $125, totaling $375.  To register, or with questions, submit contact form.

Amidst the Blessings of Our Ancestors: A Multi-Religious Intensive ~ Starr King School for the Ministry January 22-26, 2018

Multireligious Intensive: Amidst the Blessing of the Ancestors weaves teachings on organic multireligiosity from Ibrahim Baba with practices of ancestor reverence and healing. Organic multiregliosity “interrupts practices of considering religions as monolithic, rigidly-separated traditions in conflict with one another [and] understands them as having complex and constantly-morphing relationships…” (Ibrahim Baba).  This intensive focuses on multireligiosity in personal practice, in spiritual leadership, and toward countering oppression and cultural (mis)appropriation.  This course combines conceptual exploration and embodied practice with tending work in ancestral lineage ritual and repair. 


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