Taya Mâ

immerse in embodied reverence

Taya Ma co-founded and co-directs the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute with Jill Hammer. Kohenet facilitates and trains clergy in transformative Jewish ritual that is embodied, earth-based, feminist, and inspired by traditions of women’s spiritual leadership.

Makam Shekhina


Makam Shekhina is a community of Hebrew Priestess and Sufi Dervishes praying and playing together in embodied, multi-gender, ecstatic counter-oppressive devotion.  Makam Shekhina is convened by Taya Mâ and Ibrahim Baba.

Taya Ma is adjunct faculty at Starr-King School for the Ministry, a graduate theological school, seminary and member the Graduate Theological Union. She teaches Ritual Craft as Transformative Practice & Chapel Reflections.

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