Taya Mâ

immerse in embodied reverence


I support select resonant students who are ripe to presence their unique gifts & to next-level their deep dreams. Mentoring with me is an immersion in devotion, embodiment and ritual play.  think mystery school, with the depth of one-on-one.  Strands we may weave include:

Embodied presence. Right pace as prayer. Pelvic vocalization. Somatic Experiencing / trauma-healing. Erotic alchemy.  Energetic state cultivation & transmission. Ancestral healing and lineage repair.

Women's mysteries. Sacred cycles. Somatic wisdom. Lunar connection. Conscious menstruation. Womb healing. Sacred sex. Elements. Altars. Dreams. Drums. 

Ritual arts:  Personal. Communal. Prayer. Life-cycle. Ceremony. Embracing vision. Spiritual Leadership.  Trusting flow. Empowering, Enhancing and optimizing public offerings.

I play with mentees at the intersection of sound and soma. The mentorship journey is one of cultivating capacity for presence, possibility and pleasure. Those I mentor orient toward devotion, desire and deep dreams.  

Together we embark on an exploration of empowerment, evolution and embodied alchemy.  

We meet in my temple, by the sea, in redwood groves and wherever spirit calls us.  Phone & Skype, too.  The duration of our experience together depends on what's needed.  This journey is intimate and the weaving is real.  


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