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Sex & the Sephirot: A Pleasure Journey through the Omer - April 1 - May 21, 2018

The seven weeks between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Shavuot - known as the period of counting the Omer - invite us on an intentional journey from constriction to pleasure, union & revelation. The Omer offers a focused opportunity to bring attention to patterns we desire to transform.

In Sex and the Sephirot, we’ll engage the Omer toward experiencing greater erotic presence, deepening our commitment to sex that is nourishing and healthful for us, and embracing ritual practices of self-pleasure - or pleasure with partners - amidst the support and container of sex-positive community and joyfull accountability.

This offering is for you if: You have a pattern around self-pleasure or sex with partners that you want to transform. You feel excited - and perhaps a little nervous - about being held in a lovingly tended group container to additionally integrate the sacred into your erotic life. You desire to claim pleasure as prayer.

Embodied Presence: A Virtual Practicum - June-August 2018

Cultivate a being-ness that is aligned with your essential self and with Source.  Explore right pace, inhabit space, be guided by gratitude and cultivate fluency in state transmission. Become additionally, exceptionally here and whole.

The 8-week Embodied Presence Virtual Practicum engages simple and potent exercises and inquires to activate awareness, to strengthen and supply our sensory selves and to empower our embodied presence.  Concentrated content becomes available in the course forum each Monday in a both audio and print form and is supplemented by an online discussion forum.  Practicing and exploring together, we become additionally, exceptionally here and whole.

Week 1: Presencing Pace. Week 2: Presencing Grace & Gratitude. Week 3: Presencing Space. Week 4: Presencing Place & Elementals. Week 5: Presencing Soma. Week 6: Presecing State. Week 7: Presencing Form and Flow. Week 8: Presencing Completion.

I loved this course! What transformed most for me was feeling my body as a temple... I would love to take this class again.” - E.

”This course gave me a sacred container while I transitioned out of massage school. Taya Ma’s loving comments were so potent, supportive and right on. I think of the words she offered often.” - N.

”Embodied Presence created a magical web between participants, weaving threads of divine into all corners of our lives. My experience in the course formed a foundation for my ability to tap into Source. I will continue to revisit the lessons for years to come!” - C.

”I loved the content, the community, and the recordings. This is a class I could take over and over to really let things sink in.” -A

Jewish Ancestral Healing Immersion

Current Course: January - April 2018

Every lineage includes loving and wise ancestors.  Ancestral support amplifies personal vitality and enhances communal well-being.  Cultivating connection with these bright and benevolent ancestors creates ease with living family members and helps clarify one's life-path, relationships and purpose.  This connection can be a great support toward healing trauma as well as anchoring ancestral blessing and gifts.

The Jewish Ancestral Healing Virtual Immersion begins with an introductory group video class followed by 3 personal sessions and a group completion call.  In the video call, we will review core aspects of Jewish Ancestral reverence practices and also of the Ancestral Lineage Healing model - developed by Dr. Daniel Foor - and set clear intentions for the work.  Personal sessions with Taya Mâ begin with an assessment of hte four primary bloodlines and continue toward connecting with an ancestral guide to anchor blessing from and healing through one of the lines. Participants are assigned a class partner to check in with bi-weekly and asked to engage altar and offering practice in accordance with what emerges in their ancestral connections.


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