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"Rav Taya Mâ helps me discern - and speak from - the depth of my power." - Ashirah Marni Rothman, Kohenet & Shrine-Keeper

Sound As Nourishment: Embodied Vocalization as a Path to Wholeness

Friday January 15, 2015 / 3-5 pm / Albany, CA

Sound has power to shape our world.  Mystics across place and time celebrate the generative and transformative potential of sonic vibration.  When we vocalize from embodied presence, the content of our speech clarifies, the impact of our words magnifies and the resonance and connection created through our each utterance expands and deepens.

In this experiential playshop, explore the power of embodied vocalization in community. Engage chant as an expression of devotion.  Discover what is possible when you speak from a sense of expanded presence and sing as an offering of somatically-sourced prayer.

Cost $50. Register via paypal by January 13.

Bring a willingness to play and pray and a decent-sized dose of curiosity.  

Temple of dreams: Tending Sleep Dreams as Sacred Text

Activate aligned and mythic dreams through dreaming in intimate community.  Cultivate sacred practice around dreamtime.  Awaken to the radical shifts that emerge in somatic and spiritual health when regarding R.E.M. receivings with reverence.

Upcoming Dates in Albany, CA:

January 21 & February 25, 2016 / 6 - 7:30 pm

$25 offering / pre-registration required

Moon, Blood, Blessing: lunar magic & menstrual mystery

February 6, 2016 in Albany, CA

1 - 4 pm

Cultivate awareness and blessing of the moon. Embrace practices of conscious menstruation.  Awaken and empower through honoring the power of blood mysteries.   This circle welcomes those who bleed and those who love those who bleed or are drawn to the power of the lunar and the menstrual.

$60 / pre-registration required

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