Taya Mâ

immerse in embodied reverence

Feel yourself greeted with a lush smile, a clear gaze and a trust in your magnificence. Receive my full welcome to this virtual temple.

I adore the power and portal created when sound meets the sacred.  I teach embodied vocalization, guide chant experiences and record Hebrew Goddess soundtracks.  My albums Wild Earth Shebrew, Halleluyah All Night, Torah Tantrika and This Bliss have been heralded as "cutting-edge mystic medicine music."

I give thanks to live in a time in which honoring the sacred feminine is not only possible, but sought out and treasured.  I co-founded and co-lead, with Jill Hammer,  Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute, a transformative ritual arts and spiritual leadership training for women embracing the Goddess in a Jewish context.

I root in my spiritual lineage by birth and I pray on a multi-religious path.  With Pir Ibrahim Baba Farajaje, I co-founded Makam Shekhina, a community of Hebrew Priestesses and Sufi Dervishes gathering in embodied, multi-gender, ecstatic counter-oppressive devotion.  Find us in worship for Jewish and Muslim holidays in the California Bay Area or weaving zikr (embodied remembrance) and Black Lives Matter chants while on pilgrimage to sacred sites in Turkey.

I serve as adjunct faculty at Starr-King School for the Ministry, a theological school and seminary that is part of the Graduate Theological Union.  I teach Ritual Craft as Transformative Practice in this Unitarian Universalist and multi-religious context, working with students preparing to receive an MDiv and/or a Masters in Spirituality and Social Change.

I'm a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, a body-awareness-based trauma healing modality.  I trained in this work because it has deeply supported my own healing. Somatic Experiencing theory and practice - rooting in and returning to positive resource - informs my approach to individual sessions, group classes and devotional contexts.

Head to my offerings page to learn about my work with resonant students and practitioners of embodied presence.

Visit the book page to discover the books I co-authored - The Hebrew Priestess: Ancient and New Visions of Jewish Women's Spiritual Leadership and Siddur HaKohanot: A Hebrew Priestess Prayerbook.  Or to get excited about new writing on the way.

The sweet synagogue where I rabbi'd for a decade recently named me Spiritual Leader Emeritus.  It's wild to be both esteemed and former.  I still occasionally conduct bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies for independent families, and train bmitzvah officiants in the model of Mitzvanitiation rites-of-passage work I developed.

If you want to know how I trained up ... the heart of the journey has not been linear.  The version that fits in lines includes me studying the folklore of religion in a land called Ivy League and later sitting at the feet of plenty a renewal rabbi.  The schooling I steeped in most strongly was with earth-reverent ones on remote beaches of Bahia, Brasil and with barely-clad wild women on rowhouse rooftops in West Philly.

I now tend temple / make home in the California East Bay. I'm smiling bright at the possibility of connecting with you in reverent ritual play.

© 2017 Taya Shere

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